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Хуурре Украина 

Customer-orientated Refrigeration Solutions


Huurre can offer its customers overall refrigeration solutions: a wide assortment of products, an extensive maintenance network and the synergy benefits resulting from internationality.


Huurre has amalgamated all expertise that it has within the Group with a view to creating concepts that will cater for the needs of three customer industries: retail, industry and HoReCa (commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants and catering).


Huurre Is Your Strategic Partner in Refrigeration


Huurre is a strategic partner for its key clients, helping them build their operating facilities and controlling their refrigeration equipment as rationally as possible. Strategic partnership minimises risks and brings savings to clients.


Clients can use the expertise of Huurre to design a commercial kitchen with optimal functionality or to minimise downtime, production losses or losses of sales resulting from faults in the refrigeration systems. Timely investment in modern machinery or a move towards optimal storage temperature can generate significant savings.



          High-quality refrigeration solutions in order to ensure the well-being of people



          The first choice refrigeration supplier in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe




          Trusting Atmosphere and Sense of Togetherness

          Result in Everything We Do